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“'T. S. Eliot expresses it so - the poem is a raid on the inarticulate. I, Eva van Outryve de Crommelynck, agree with him. Poems who are not written yet, or not written ever, exists here. The realm of the inarticulate. Art,’ she puts another cigarette in her mouth and this time I was ready with her dragon lighter, ‘fabricated of the inarticulate is beauty. Even if its themes is ugly. Silver moons, thundering seas, cliches of cheese, poison beauty. The amateur thinks his words, his paints, his notes makes the beauty. But the master knows his words is just the vehicle in which the beauty sits. The master knows he does not know what beauty is.’”

Black Swan Green, David Mitchell

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“Dad’s watching all this through the kitchen window. Dad isn’t laughing. He’s won.
Me, I want to kick this moronic bloody world in the bloody teeth over and over til it bloody understands that not hurting people is ten bloody thousand times more bloody important than being right.

Black Swan Green, David Mitchell

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  D O W N,  D O W N,  G O N E: a mix for orpheus, descending

somewhere a man is standing at a dark gate, lyre in hand. he is not weeping; he has wept so long that he is emptied out, and the spirits of the woods wept with him. now his eyes are dry as stones, and his heart as hard. he knows where he must go; he knows what he must do he knows where this grey road leads. his foot is on the path. he is setting out. he is gone.

you are my sunshine peter broderick | ashes hauschka & hilary hahn | bow to string iii: air to breath daniel bjarnason | Þú ert sólin olafur arnalds | elegia jacaszek | feelings for something lost in two parts (pt. 2) library tapes | they being dead yet speaketh johann johannsson | words melt away rothko

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its 2.36 ad i have 1300 words about spartan women to write and ive run out of fun and sexy topics and im down to like fuckin land tenure and partible inheritance fuck my whole entire actual life

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never ever going to be over the athenian male rage-boner for spartan women

like the first layer is the obvious pathetic hypersexualisation/condemnation aspect because short skirts???? what kind of fucking whores wear short skirts???? fuck those barbarian sluts amirite???? better make sure we draw lots of pictures of these filthy disgusting immoral whores and show them off at our drinking parties so we can be constantly reminded in loving detail of exactly how immoral they are   

but obviously thats not fucked-up enough for the ancient greek psyche so lets throw in the fact that the SHORT SKIRTS are actually chitons and therefore actually mens clothes as far as the athenian male was concerned, and obviously manly women aren’t sexy, right guys???? and manly muscular women having naked wrestling matches with naked men isn’t sexy, right???? right???? [plutarch voice] help me oh god

and the cherry on this shit sundae of male opinions is the fact that for 99% of the time they never even wore the fucking skirts because they were wrapped up in the exact same 10000 layers of sackcloth that athenian women wore, but who gives a shit about what women actually do when you could be painting seXXXy kraters with pictures of naked spartan teenagers sensually scraping each other’s backs

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oh god oh god oh god im applying for this summer internship and im terrified bc i don’t think i’ve ever wanted something as much as this in my life before


would you hire this girl

i did it i applied oh god oh god oh god


ok its 2.33am and im gonna go pass out and maybe die but I GOT IT I GOT THE INTERNSHIP IM A FUCKING NERD GOD

fuck all these cutesy posts about finals season and ~~ooh so much coffee!!~~ you know nothing last semester i procrastinated myself into a skin condition

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'marriage terminology in euripides' medea’ word count: 14. selfie count: infinite 

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